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Welcome to our Free Access Video Section! Here, you can find three informative videos designed to help you get started with Challenge4Trading.com and understand the exciting world of prop trading. Whether you're new to our platform or looking to deepen your trading knowledge, these videos provide valuable insights and guidance: How to Open an Account on Challenge4Trading.com - A step-by-step guide to creating your account and getting started with our platform. What is Prop Trading? - An overview of prop trading, its benefits, and why it has become so popular among traders today. Understanding Our Challenges - Detailed information on the various trading challenges we offer, including the requirements and benefits of each. These videos are available for free to help you make the most of your trading journey with Challenge4Trading.com. Enjoy watching and happy trading!

This introductory course is designed for aspiring traders who are new to the world of financial markets. "Getting Started with Trading: Phase 1" provides a solid foundation in trading principles and essential concepts. Throughout this course, you will learn about the structure of financial markets, basic trading strategies, risk management, and the psychology of trading. By the end of this phase, you'll have the knowledge and skills necessary to begin your trading journey with confidence. Course Highlights: Understanding Financial Markets Basics of Trading Risk Management Essentials Introduction to Trading Psychology Embark on your trading journey with "Getting Started with Trading: Phase 1" and build a strong foundation for future success.